To enhance your looks, your best plug will be Peace gallery. Peace gallery is a beauty salon based in Langtang, Nigeria. They are experts in hairdressing, facials, manicures, and body treatment. Though the business revolves around the Owner (Peace), it is fast growing since she decided to make it her main hustle.

To Peace, helping people enhance their beauty was something she does for fun and maybe for a small fee if need be. But due to popular demand and the fact that she is good at what she does, she decided to make it a big-time business. This time around she is looking at taking on high earn clients and possibly share her knowledge with others through organized training programs and sessions.

When she approached us, like most clients, she needs a logo for her business and quickly presented some samples that she will like her logo to look like. As our tradition, we decided to find out more about her business and the future plans for the business. It didn’t take long before we figured out that the direction she is suggesting for the logo is not right for her.

From the discovery session, we come to find out that is not only makeup and hair making that she intends to focus on but in the long run, she is looking at selling cosmetics products, skincare, and other products for body treatment. The gallery will also have a boutique where both male and female clothing and accessories will be sold aside from the training she runs which she said will definitely be metamorphosed into an academy.

Considering all these and with her target audience in mind, it ruled out the option of having the logo to be descriptive as she had in mind base on the samples she presented us with. With this understanding, we decided to explore an identity that the business can grow with and expand to different areas without worrying about changing it.

The logo mark is a monogram of the brand name initials P+G. The design doesn’t look edgy despite using block letters rather it projects a roundness feel. The logotype is written with a modified Futura font and is well paired with the mark elegantly. The use of the two shades of purple colour is to communicate the creativity she puts in her work. And undoubtedly, her work is classy and premium every time.

For now, the major customer touchpoint of the brand is social media, therefore we designed templates she can use for her social media marketing and promotions.

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