Obi Store is your favorite gadget store. They sell portable devices ranging from phones, laptops, games, music players, cameras, etc. Accessories for all these gadgets are also available in their store. They are located in Computer village, Lagos, Nigeria.

Project Brief

When Mr. Kenechukwu contacted us about the project, he knows what he wanted but was not clear if it is doable. In his words, he said, “I need a simple and nice logo for my business”. He went on to explain the idea he had of how the logo should be and ask if that can be done. He needs the logo to be designed from the name of the brand. The name of the brand is Obi Store but he is popularly known to people as Kem Kem, so he wants the name ‘Kem Kem to be incorporated in the mark but it shouldn’t be all-out visible. For us to commence work, we had to learn more about the business and any other thing that can help us bring the vision of Mr. Kenechukwu to life.

Our Solution

Fully armed with the needed information required for the project, we crafted 3 concepts and presented them to the client. A particular concept was agreed upon after explaining the design thinking behind each concept. With a few revisions, we have what is now the first customer touchpoint of the Obi Store Brand.

The logo has ‘Kem Kem’ enclosed in ‘O’ of OBI with the O serving as the primary logomark of the brand and OBI as the secondary logomark. In the counter of the ‘B’, is designed as a charger fuse, lastly, a power button replaces the ‘O’ in STORE. All these are to hint at what the brand does; sales of gadgets and accessories.

The colour choices communicate the top values of the brand; trust and reliability. The rectangle shape housing the OBI really drive home the brand’s message of being firm and available to serve its audience. A simple Brand style guide was designed to guide the client on how to use the brand elements properly to ensure consistency.

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