Nippybuy is an online shopping store that sells high-quality gadgets and accessories ranging from laptops, mobile phones, EarPods, mp3 player charger, earphones and many more. They are located in Abuja, the Capital of Nigeria.

The Challenge

To take advantage of the internet space, the brand wanted to build an online store to enable it to serve a wider customer base. The challenge was that, they don’t have any concrete identity; at least not one that is crafted with any thought behind it.

Our brief was to design a simple yet interesting identity for the brand. It should be easy to use on different digital platforms seeing that they are developing an online store and definitely going to be using different social media platforms. The identity should also be unique enough to stand out from the competition most especially when printed on products.

Our Solution

To start off the project, we had a long video chat with the CEO of the company. This gave us the opportunity to learn more about their business; from the types of products they sell and to whom they mostly sell to, and their general business goal.

From this call, we come to learn that the business name means swiftness or being quick to do something. This name embeds the strong value and way in which Nippybuy operate its business; Speed Delivery. This is also evident in its (Nippybuy) customer care response.

Working with the brief, we explored a few concepts and decided to go with a monogram for the identity. This is to avoid making the logo descriptive. To add a bit of dynamism to it, the ‘nb’ is rotated in a semi-isometric view. In celebrating the wholesomeness of the Nippybuy brand as regards gadgets, we added the circle to the logo. The break out from the circle hint on the fast speed of delivering goods and services that the brand pride itself with.

The overall look and feel for the brand is welcoming and exciting. Though using bright colours of red and blue, the shades of these colours make it calming and not shouty. To ensure consistency, the logo, colours, typography and graphic element for the brand are used on all customers touchpoint; from the social media handles to the website and promotional flyers. It is also applied to all marketing collaterals and stationeries.

This has not only helped the brand gain more trust from its customers and project them as professional but it has also improved ROI. In the end, the client is happy, the customers are happy, we are all happy.

"My experience with Oniontabs has been nothing short of exceptional."

Edom Bright
CEO, Nippybuy

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