The Network of Pro bono lawyers Also Known as Pro-Law Foundation is a non-Governmental Organisation that promotes the rule of law and respect for human rights, by creating a platform for lawyers and legal aid providers to enhance their capacity, rejuvenate the spirit of common humanity and improve the rights of women, children, minority groups, and other disadvantaged or marginalized groups in Nigeria.

The network is engaging with government especially in relation to the promotion of civil and political rights and social-economic rights but most especially the freedom of information and expression which we believe are the gateway rights to accessing other fundamental human rights.

Over the years, the network has trained thousands of lawyers and paralegals who are providing legal advice and representing the most disadvantaged groups in Nigeria. The Network has branches in Lagos, Kano, Abia and is headquartered in Abuja, Nigeria.


The project came as a freelancing work from a friend of the company, Mr Tony Onazi, He stated the reason why the Network needed the site: majorly for getting bono case requests for the network and a way of having an online reach/presence for the organization apart from their social media.

The design choices were made by us as no requirement or references was given.


We started by researching other law bono site noting the functionality and interface. We later came up with key features including the request form:

  1. Case request form
  2. Blog
  3. Programs/Projects
  4. Administrator Dashboard
  5. Contact Form
  6. Case taken counter
  7. Partnership form

We proceeded to get required content as this will allow us know the required section or additional pages for the site. Content we got was About the organization, Programs/Project, Contact detail etc.

A wireframe which uses dummy text and images to show arrangements of elements for a website was built to give the client a visual look of how the website will look pointing out positions of major features and rationale behind them. Review and corrections were made by the client and we implement it availing us the opportunity to proceed to the next phase of the project.

From the wireframe, we developed a mockup for the website using the contents gotten from the client. This add live to the website that you could see it as a finished site. It allows us to prototype and tests the features and functionalities for the site using Adobe XD.


The colours used for the website are picked from the brands logo. They are used in reduced contrast as to be subtle on the eye and best fit for digital. Colour is also used to communicate the sections and features of the site that require visitors attention and response- report a case and partnership.

Generally, the UI is simple, modern and easy to navigate. The buttons are consistent, typography is legible with calm colour. The forms on the site are basic and having examples or descriptions of required information.


The key feature of the website is the Case Request Form, we made it simple and elegant for taking request for Bono case. The form is designed in such a way that it is easy to fill and submit, a form field required is not more than 5/6.

Request for partnership form is made to get the contact of person(s) or organization(s) who want to partner with the client. The form is made simple and brief as only contact details of the partner is taken.

A costume Blog is built which allows the organization to share articles, news and events. This is also structured and indexed in a way to help the website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for maximum reach organically.

An admin dashboard is also designed and developed to allow managing cases and partnership request.

SSL technology is used for site security. The site is mobile friendly, fast load speed, responsive and scalable. We integrated their social media platforms with the site which drives traffic.

The site was tested alongside the client and all bugs fixed before deployment to their domain.


Here is what the client has to say about the project.

Click here to View the site.

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