Nescart is an online grocery store. They sell locally sourced foodstuffs ranging from grains, tubers, seafood, soup ingredients, vegetables and fruits, household supplies, and other daily essentials. They are presently growing very fast since their lunch in June this year.

The Challenge

Although the founder; Mr. Harrison Nwele has always had the dream of building the company, the decision to start has always been held off not until the demand for groceries and other household supplies to be delivered safely to homes became high during the lockdown period as a result of Covid 19 pandemic.

To cater to this growing need, the founder takes a bold step and set up the website for the store using Wix (an online shopping cart). After two months of lunch, the business has gotten considerable traction but not as expected and the feedback from customers as regards their experience using the site was not palatable. They complained about finding it hard to locate what they were looking for and that the checkout process was complex and long which result in many abandoning carts with products.

When Mr. Harrison reach out to us, it was for us to help him redesign his logo and some stationeries and marketing collaterals. But from our discovery session, we discovered that it's not the only logo he needs but a total rebrand of the business which will include the website redesign. This conclusion was reached after listening to him explained some of the challenges he was facing.

Our Solution

Several factors determine the overall success of an e-commerce website including product quality, brand recognition, customer service, etc.

However, a thoughtful user experience design is also key to providing customers with a satisfying, friction-free experience. it will not only connect potential clicks into actual e-commerce transactions but make customers come back time and again.

Not to forget also that these designed experiences can only come to life with well written and clean codes. Fully optimized and responsive. All these and many more are what we put into the Nescart project.

First, we decided to build the website costumed using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (Jquery), Bootstrap, and PHP to support the features and functionality needed for optimal performance.

To tackle the concerns raised during the discovery and research phase of the project, we first work on the visual identity of the brand after defining the brand core (Purpose, vision, and values). This new visual identity now gives us a clear roadmap for us to set the design system for the project. Read the case study for the identity design here.

Knowing that the look and feel of a website is the main driver of first impressions, we are conscious to use Nescart branding throughout the website. This is to helps build a strong brand-customer relationship and loyalty.

As defined during the brand design process, fonts were chosen with an eye to readability and optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and have excellent legibility characteristics in their letterforms. Set of colours used to create a minimalist, user-friendly interface that draws the eye to important information and actions on the website.

The way the products are layout in flexible grid forms helps to make the pages render well on a variety of devices and organize elements inside a space.

The checkout process is made simple and short. We did this by only requesting relevant information about the customer that is required to complete the order process. Customers have the option of updating their profile later on their dashboard with the information about them that were not asked during the checkout process.

Another way to streamline the checkout process, we incorporate flexible payment methods. Customers have the option of paying with a Credit card, Cash, or wallet. This reduces the percentage of abundant cart drastically.

The admin dashboard for the store is comprehensive and seamless to used. This makes product listing easy and setting up of the adverts on the website. The dashboard also gives insight into the important metric that Nescart want to track at a glance. Making it easy to find out what is selling more and the ones that are not without having to dig deep into the stock or inventory.

The integration of notification and messaging into the dashboard makes customer management fun and in the end, increases customer satisfaction as they feel engage through order notification both on their user account dashboard and via the email address they registered with.

Overall, all the pages on the website are optimized for search especially the product pages. this has aided with the visibility of Nescart brand on the internet. The performance of the site has a high ranking, especially how fast the pages load even with a lot of products listed on the site already.

In the end, the client is happy as the company gains high ROI, the customers are happy with their shopping experience, we are happy we are able to help improve the business, in a nutshell, everyone wins.

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"Choosing to work with Oniontabs was a significant turning point for my company, a team more concerned with customer growth than monetary gain."

Nwele Harisson
CEO, Nescart

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