Nescart is an online grocery store. They sell locally sourced foodstuffs ranging from grains, tubers, seafood, soup ingredients, vegetables and fruits, household supplies, and other daily essentials. They are presently growing very fast since their lunch in May this year.

The Challenge

Although the founder; Mr. Harrison Nwele has always had the dream of building the company, the decision to start has always been held off not until the demand for groceries and other household supplies to be delivered safely to homes became high during the lockdown period as a result of Covid 19 pandemic.

To cater to this growing need, the founder set up an online store using an online CMS (Wix), and using their logo builder, he designed a logo for the company. After two months of lunch, the business has gotten considerable traction and also had some feedback from customers which clearly indicates the need for the brand to work on its look and feel.

We met Mr. Harrison when he was meeting with an agency to help with their marketing. He reached out to us after the meeting to help craft an identity that communicates the brand values that also vibe well with its target customers.

Our Solution

From the discovery session we had, it became clear that not only is the visuals of the brand poor and inconsistent, but the user experience on the website was bad as well. This is because he set up the website all by himself which he doesn’t have much knowledge or any experience as regards that. This, therefore, led the conversation to include website redesign and development in the project. You can check the website design case study here.

The discovery session also affords us the opportunity to research and identify Nescart’s business goals, target market, and audience. We then used this information to craft a brand identity and experience that visually communicates the brand’s values and personality in a way that resonates with their audience.

From concept sketch, we had two, the first concept tries to showcase speed delivery that the brand pride itself in while the later celebrate the source of their produces; local farms.

After some considerations and revisions, we decided to go with the second concept and incorporate the speed attribute to it. Though the identity is descriptive as one can easily say what the company does, there are intrinsic meaning to the elements used.

The shopping cart hint at the services of the brand, we manage to infuse the initial of the company name 'N' shaped like a lightening icon to depict speed delivery. An abstract representation of the sun and fertile land for agriculture housed the shopping cart.

The colouring is apt; nature and affordability, which are some of the values the brand champion alongside fast service delivery. The typography was chosen with an eye to readability and optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms. The roundness of the logotype makes it approachable which is just perfect for the brand.

We love the simple yet complex meaning that this beauty holds. It has not only helped the brand gain more trust from its customers and projects them as professionals but it has also improved ROI. In the end, the client is happy, the customers are happy, we are all happy. It's a win.

"Your growth our reward is a phrase I did best describe Oniontabs with. They displayed professionalism and expertise while working on our branding. Thank you guys"

Nwele Harrison
CEO, Nescart

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