Food Defense Initiative is a Non-Governmental Agricultural Organization that partners with farmers across the nation who embrace the Organic method of farming in all commodities. They pride themselves in the applications of innovative and modern Technology in farm practice.

As an Organic Agro-entrepreneurship community, FDI advocates for food security and sufficiency in Nigeria by training and equipping unemployed youths and graduates, women, and rural farmers along agricultural commodity value chains.

Alongside agricultural training and consultancy, they also provide other services like Supply of farming equipment, supply and sales of organic food produce, finance access to members among many others.


“Food Defense Initiative has grown over the years and with considerable success and achievement under our belt, we see the need to have a proper online presence which will not only attest to our mantra of using technology in agriculture but also give us the opportunity of reaching out to many farmers and entrepreneurs in making our vision of Food Security and Sufficiency in Nigeria a reality”. The Coordinator of FDI, Mr. Emmanuel Essien remarked when we asked him why he thinks they need a website after briefing us about the organization.

Our first meeting for the job was in Mr. Essien’s Office where he talked about how he wants and like the website to be and the reason why he needs us for the job. According to him, the crucial part of the website is a dynamic graph that shows the number of farmers and available farm produces in real-time. This he said cannot be done by anyhow web developer as he describes it as ‘the agricultural forex’. Other features of the site include;

  •  A showcase of their services and programs
  • Membership account platform for farmers and buyers • Dashboard for managing farm and purchases
  • A page to display products on sale from members farmers
  • A blog and news section

Explaining the features and functionality of the site was quite easy for Mr. Essien as he has a background in computer science.


After making some research base on the project, we brought out the features and pages of the website. We then proceed by putting together a wireframe to define the visual form on the screen, presentation and arrangement of all elements on the website which we showed it to the client. Some adjustments were made and we obtained the content (write up and media) for the site. The wireframe was finetuned and the major features were flesh out to a mockup to give the client the feel and look of the site as when it is done, we got the permission to proceed to design and development.


The interface for the website is simple, elegant, and easy to navigate both on desktop and mobile devices. The choice of colours is based on the logo of the organization. The interface is designed with clear Call to Actions buttons with a bright orange accent colour and is consistent on all pages which catch the visitor’s eyes to quickly carryout what he/she is there for. The fields (form) are simple and clear with descriptions in them to guide the user on what to input.


Base on the client’s brief, the website is costumed built using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript (jquery), Bootstrap, and PHP to support the features and functionality needed. The Dynamic Graph is incorporated on the homepage and on the products page. These graphs update in real-time. It increases as farmer(s) register, upload their products for sale, and reduces base on the quantity of a product a buyer purchases. This gives visitors an instant visual glance at the types and quantity of products available in stock.

We built a simple and elegant signup form for farmers who want to sell their farm produce and buyers partner with FDI to buy farm produce. Users have the option of creating a free account with limited benefits or a premium account with full membership privileges. The account comes with a clean and easy dashboard for farmers to manage their product listing and buyers to make requests or orders for products.

A costume Blog is built which allows the organization to share articles, news, and events. This is also structured and indexed in a way to help the website with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for maximum reach organically. An admin dashboard is also designed and developed to allow for the management of product listing, activation, and upgrade of users to premium members, taking purchase requests or orders from buyers, and managing the blog and gallery contents on the website.

The website is secured with SSL technology, mobile-friendly, the loading speed is very fast the media content on the site is well optimized, responsive, and scalable. We integrated their social media platforms with the site which drives traffic. We tested the site alongside the client and fix all bugs then comes the lunch.

"We started the project with a goal in mind, this goal was excelled. Oniontabs service was excellent and efficient. our website is flexible and processes easy, we really got the best guys for the job"

Mr Essien Emmanuel

Click here to visit Food Defense Initiative website.

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