Fathenso Professional Services is a full-service commercial and consultancy firm. It is a first stop business support hub providing experienced and innovative services to 1ndividuals, Start-ups, SMEs as well as large Companies and corporations.

The Project

This project started with a strategy session with the client. It helped us understood the business better as we work together to craft out a clear roadmap for the brand to excel. The visual identity for the brand is one of the products of the strategy session.

Using the brand’s key words which are the attributes and values, we started sketching different concepts for the logo. The design direction we took with most of the sketches is a look & feel that is simple, modern and professional. After some exploration while collaborating with the client, we agreed on this concept and cleaned it up to be what is now the number one customer touch for Fathenso Professional Services.

The identity is a monogram where the letter ‘F’ is imbedded in a cube as a negative space. The use of a cube for the logo is to communicate the message of the brand as an organized central hub for businesses and startups. FPS pride itself in providing businesses with the necessary information and services to startup properly, making it a most go to place for businesses and brands who are ready to be incorporated legally; this and more is what the logo portrays.

The use of blue colour reinforces the brand’s mandate of helping businesses instill trust with their customers. It also shows how the brand uses technology to intelligently carry out its duties. Using the identity and the brand colour, certain brand assets were designed like marketing materials, stationery and brand merchandise.

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