Erojul is an online shopping site that is committed to making life easier. It gives users and visitors access to variety of quality products at massive discounted prices. It delights its self in the unbeatable shopping experience it offers from products listing, description, easy and secure checkout process, fast delivery among many features which ultimately guarantees customer satisfaction.


Designing an identity for Erojul is part of a larger project of building their online store platform. Discussing the project, the client hint that the logo should be able to tell what the business does but it should be simple and catchy. We started ideation and exploration of different concepts after having getting some key information about the brand.


The approach for the project is simple and minimalistic design. Before starting the design, we got a royalty free stock image that portray what the client describes of the brand. From this image which is our mood board, we brought out the attributes and possible colours for the brand.

During the sketch and concepts exploration for the logo, we try to avoid some cliche icons like bags or other products icons that are usually associated with ecommerce logos which kind of limit a brand in a way. So, in all our exploration process, we try to get an identity that fuss the logomark and logotype together but that the logomark can be detached and it will still be unique.

After much exploration of different typefaces and icons, we finally agreed upon a concept which is now the customers first touchpoint of Erojul.


The complete identity of the brand is a shopping cart firmly integrated with the logotype with the letter 'e' of the company's name fusing in the shopping cart.

The use of the shopping cart is to make the logo descriptive and easily suggest to its audience what the company does which is an online store/marketplace. The logo symbol when used alone is a shopping cart that has a negative space of later 'e' in the center. The letter 'e' which the first letter of the company name could also suggest e-commerce.

The logotype is written with a font called Righteous, with a slight customization, it makes the letter 'e' stylish and creative. The cap of the letter 'j' in the company's name is also used as the wheels for the shopping cart as it is rounded.

Fusing the name with the icon connotes how immerse the brand is in the business of providing shoppers with quality products at their convenience.

The shopping cart also looks like is driving the name, moving it to the right which is a positive direction embodied in the brand's vision of growth and driving positive impacts in the lives of people.

As stated earlier, the colouring for the brand is gotten from our mood board. The primary colours for the brand is a shade of yellow (lightening yellow) and a shade of purple (eminence).

The yellow is used for the logo mark and it represents the brand's message of happiness and joy that the users get as they shop. Its also reinforces its youthfulness, full with hope, positivity and cost conscious. The lightening yellow colour stands the brand out and it is also use as an accent on then the website.

The shade of purple is used on the logotype. It gives the brand its luxurious touch. The brand's commitment to quality and making available precious and rear products is highlighted with the eminence colour. Purple is also associated with wealth and royalty which Erojul cannot shy away from describing itself as possessing those qualities.

As part of our complete branding package, we design office stationeries, merchandize/gift items, and vehicles mockup for the brand. It takes on a simple and modern approach, using the brand's colour palette.

We also develop a Brand Identity Guidelines for the company, describing in details the brand assets and how to use them and a document that explain the brand in detail.

Here is what the client has to say about the project.

Click here to View the brand identity guidelines.

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