DOXA is startup that specialize in manufacturing household products, mostly toiletries and kitchen.


Discussing the project, the client was kind enough to walk us through the idea behind starting the company and the principles and values it will like to uphold. The task for us is to embed all these in the logo but not forgetting to keep it simple, catchy and memorable.


Fully armed with the knowledge of what the client wants, it didn't take much exploration before bringing out what we agreed upon as now the customer's first touch point of DOXA.

We used the house symbol for the logomark depicting the philosophy of the brand as a household name and a go to -brand for domestic supplies. The oval shape with arrows and rounded rectangles going around it signifies the whole roundedness of the brand's products in meeting domestic needs. The logo type is bold and friendly. The concept for the identity is flat, simple and scalable.

The used of green colour connotes the company vision for growth and also communicating its massage of having good health as you used the brand's products. The yellow colour bring to live the vibrance nature of the brand + its value of bringing happiness to households through affordable domestic supplies.

Stationeries were also designed for the brand. It takes on a simple and modern approach, using the brand's colour palette.

We also develop a Brand Identity Guidelines for the company, describing in details the brand assets and how to use them.

We also design the packaging label for liquid soap and bleach. We used the colours of the brand for the design and try to make it visually appealing. Information like the ingredient used, direction for used, caution and the benefit of using the products are clearly visible on the label.

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