Ave Legal Practitioner is a law firm that majors in intellectual and tech law. Headquartered in Lago, Nigeria, the firm is run by young people who render legal advice and service to startups, SMEs and large companies. The Law Firm envisions a future that is driven by tech and justice for a functional society.

The Project

For this identity, we avoid the cliché of using a literal justice scale or court building for the logomark rather we use the name of the brand creatively to craft out a stunning mark. With some research under our belt, we decided to communicate the message of the brand through what they actually do.

First, we put together a bunch of images that relate to law, justice, business, startups, technology etc. In no time certain shapes begin to form from the images and we abstracted them out and from it came what now is the first customer touchpoint of Ave Legal Practitioner.

The logo has a triangle as an ‘A’ in AVE. The triangle here is an abstract image of the scale of justice which is a balance signifying the firm’s impartiality and obligation to always advice and protect its clients from making wrong corporate choices. A gavel is also incorporated into the triangle as negative space. The logotype is custom designed and nicely paired with the mark.

What better colour to suit a law firm than black which is a common colour in the courtroom and the corporate world. Using black and white as the primary colours of the brand give a classic and elegant look and feel while reinforcing the position of authority and power that the firm operates with.

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