Alma Clinic and Surgery is a multi-specialty clinic which represents a private alternative to the market of medical services in Uyo and its environs, Akwa Ibom State, with a different, modern and far superior approach, it offers patients the possibility of accessing the highest quality medical services in the area.

The clinic which was established sometimes in August 1987 at No. 15 Afia Street, Uyo offers outpatient health services, currently covering over 20 medical specialties with at least one specialist doctor in each of the discipline.


The project is a logo redesign for the clinic as part of their general rebrand and standardization.

The need for the logo redesign is due to the fact that the previous logo was unprofessional, doesn't befit the client and they were using two different logos: one for the laboratory and the clinic itself which did not portray the clinic well enough as a (single) brand.


We decided to adopt a mild redesign approach seeing that most of the clients files and other utilities are already carrying the previous identity. We also consider the cost associated with rebranding and customer satisfaction and brand recognition, hence, we decide to just give a facelift to the former identity.

With all the factors to consider, we started the concept exploration with the icons or symbols used on the former logo; the cross and the staff of Hermes or the caduceus. As shown in the image below, the symbols were paired with the acronym of the clinic's name using different typefaces.

The client made a decision of the identity to go for after detail presentation of the different iterations of the logo and the rationale behind each. We now went back and clean it up and make final presentation.

In the final concept, we used the cross and the caduceus symbol together with the acronym of the clinic's name. On the cross, the caduceus symbol is illustrated using negative space. The ACS is also tightly aligned to the cross.

The cross or the red plus (+) sign used in the logo is an emblem of the red cross society which is often used for medical institutions. The caduceus which is a staff with two serpent intertwin also used in the identity is a common mis(usage) of the symbol to represent a medical symbol.

The colours used on the logo connotes different but harmonious message of the brand. The red colour stands for the alertness of the clinic in response to emergency cases, the green represents the good health and stability patients get as they are being treated and finally the dark blue communicates the clinic's reliability and massage of trust. A sans serif font- Gadugi is used for the logotype. The font is modern and simple.

"A job well done for my clinics logo, oniontabs should be your stop point for a well design brand identity."

Dr. Ita Udosen
CMD, Alma Clinics

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