A new brand identity and Merch. for an enterprise web portal solution platform.

Oniontabs: Rimplates


Rimplates is a Modern Era Web Technology for Creating Dashboards & Web Portals.

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Abuja, Nigeria


Web Technology

Company size

5-10 Employees

The client

Rimplates is an off-the-shelf web portal solution that is integrated with WordPress. The product provides pre-made web portals that are easy to install, customize to fit organization needs, and intuitive to use. This saves organizations from the headache, expenses, and time that comes with building a custom web portal from the scratch.

The challenge

While web portals generally give individuals access to private data repositories via the cloud (that is, via website-based portal systems), one of the most critical and significant advantages of web portals isn’t just streamlined, feasible and optimal data access remotely via the Web for all pertinent individuals, but also the ability for enterprises to tailor and personalize access to different parties based on their needs. This and more are what Nellalink want to achieve with their new product Rimplates. We were invited to help give this product a befitting visual identity that will resonate with the target audience while standing out from the competition.

The solution

With the target audience in mind, who are corporate enterprises like schools, health facilities, churches, and government organizations, we opted for an identity that is modern, simple yet timeless which allows it to stand out in an appealing way. This not only achieves the goal of the project but also aligns with the brand’s ideology of simplifying life and making the world better through technology.

The logomark is an ‘r and p’ monogram constructed with concentric circles, with the letter p as negative space. The simple vibrant logomark creates a distinctive look. Logomark is used in an environment where the whole logo is not needed or in analog or digital environments where the logotype is not suitable in size.

Primary Rimplates colors highlight values such as growth, trust, and authority while the complementary colours evoke a sense of freedom, strength, and reliability; which is what Rimplates provide for its customers.

The primary typeface of the brand is Century Gothic. Century Gothic™ is based on Monotype 20th Century, which was drawn by Sol Hess between 1936 and 1947. It comprises a large X-height and provides the best results for advanced Digital systems.

We bring the identity together by designing corporate stationery and merchandise for the brand to enhance marketing while creating the needed awareness.