Revitalizing the brand identity and web app for an online groceries shopping store.

Oniontabs: Nescart


Nescart is an online grocery store that sells locally sourced foodstuffs at affordable prices.

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Abakaliki, Nigeria


Food Service, Retail

Company size

5-10 Employees

Services we provided

  • Visual identity

  • UX research

  • Website design

  • Website development

  • Marketing materials

The client

Nescart is an online grocery store. They sell locally sourced foodstuffs at affordable prices ranging from grains, tubers, seafood, soup ingredients, vegetables and fruits, household supplies, and other daily essentials. They are presently growing very fast since their launch in May 2020.

The challenge

As a result of the Covid, 19 pandemic which leads to the lockdown, the demand for groceries and other household supplies to be delivered safely to homes became an all-time high. To meet this need, the Nescart team used Wix; the online website builder to set up the online store. But after three months of launch, the business has gotten considerable traction but not as expected and the feedback from customers as regards their experience using the website was not palatable. They complained about finding it hard to locate what they were looking for and that the checkout process was complex and long which result in many abandoning carts with products.

The solution

We completed a full rebrand for Nescart, supported by a brand-new eCommerce store with an optimized user experience and payment gateway and wallet integration.

Visual Identity

After a deep discovery session and extensive competitor and audience research, we gathered the requisite information that helps us to craft a brand identity and experience that visually communicates Nescart’s values and personality in a way that resonates with its audience.

Though the identity is descriptive as one can easily say what the company does, there is intrinsic meaning to the elements used. The shopping cart hint at the services of the brand, and we manage to infuse the initial of the company name 'N' shaped like a lightning icon to depict speed delivery. An abstract representation of the sun and fertile land for agriculture housed the shopping cart.

The coloring is apt; nature (green) and affordability (orange), representing some of the values the brand champion alongside fast service delivery. The roundness of the logotype makes it approachable which is just perfect for the brand. The typography was chosen with an eye to readability and optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces, and has excellent legibility characteristics in its letterforms.

Website and UX development

Several factors determine the overall success of an eCommerce website including product quality, brand recognition, customer service, etc. However, thoughtful user experience design is also key to providing customers with a satisfying, friction-free experience. This guides our approach from discovery and research to the design and development of the store.

To address the challenges users experienced with the previous site, we opted for a simpler and cleaner UI, with easy navigation and a clear product view. Another solution is to streamline the checkout process by only requesting relevant information about the customer that is required to complete the order process. We also incorporate multiple payment options. This reduces the percentage of abundant carts drastically.

Administrator Dashboard and CRM

The admin dashboard for the store is comprehensive and seamless to use. This makes product listing easy and the setting up of the adverts on the website. The dashboard also gives insight into the important metric that Nescart wants to track at a glance. Making it easy to find out what is selling more and the ones that are not without having to dig deep into the stock or inventory.

The integration of notification and messaging into the dashboard makes customer management fun and, in the end, increases customer satisfaction as they feel engaged through order notifications both on their user accounts and via the email address they registered with.

Choosing to work with Oniontabs was a significant turning point in our company. A team more concerned with customer growth than monetary gain; “your growth our reward” is the phrase I’d best associate them with and an excellent customer service I must add.

Nwele Harrison

Nwele Harrison

The result

Overall, all the pages on the website are optimized for search, especially the product pages. This has aided with the visibility of the Nescart brand on the internet. The performance of the site has a high ranking, especially how fast the pages load even with a lot of products listed on the site already.


Reduced cart abandonment rate within 30 days of launching the new store.