Supporting Lampstore's mission of giving everyone the opportunity to look good without breaking their bank or pocket with an amazing brand identity.

Oniontabs: Lampstore


Lampstore is a fashion store that gives everyone the opportunity to look good without breaking their bank or pocket.


Uyo, Nigeria


Fashion, Retail

Company size

2-5 Employees

Services we provided

  • Brand Strategy

  • Visual identity

  • Stationery

  • Merchandise

  • Marketing Materials

The client

Lampstore is an online fashion store based in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. Launched with a simple goal; to give everyone the opportunity to look good without breaking their bank or pocket. Lampstore exists to help you feel good about yourself anytime you dress to go out or heck, even to sleep. The brand has a sub-brand as Lamp Surprise which help people organize surprise events for their loved ones.

The challenge

Having an idea for a business is another thing, strategising and doing what's needed to bring the idea to life, and grow it to become successful is another thing entirely. The CEO of Lampstore invited Oniontabs to help her with the latter; Give Lampstore life.

The solution

Oniontabs created and developed the brand strategy and the new Brand System of Lampstore that highlights and connects two different markets in a unified way while communicating its values and vision throughout the identity whether digital or analog.

Developing a solid brand strategy

We started the project with brand strategy sessions. Here we help the client figure out answers to the most important question in her business.

Among the questions, we help the client find answers to and clarity are; Why does the brand exist? Who are the target audience and competitors? How can the brand be presented to its audience and the entire market?

From the strategy, we crafted the brand tagline; Light up your fashion sense. This ties in and serves as a guiding phrase for the brand's messaging and marketing.

New visual identity

The logo concept is derived from the name of the brand literally. Using the shape of a bedside lamp for the logo is to metaphorically convey the message of lampstore brand of helping its customers light up their fashion sense.

It also aligns with that of its sub-brand; Lampsurprise which is to light up people’s world through amazing gift packages and surprise events. The letters ‘LS’ is nicely crafted onto the lamp shape which can well stand in as acronyms for both brands.

The use of bright orange color helps evoke the brand’s youthfulness and affordability while the supporting black colour portrays the elegance of its products and services. A comprehensive visual system was developed and used on print collateral like stationery and digitally on the brand’s website and social media platforms.

The Results

The new visual identity, brand strategy, and design system established will allow Lampstore to connect with its audience with clear communication. Now they have an identity that is people-friendly, charming, and uniquely Lampstore.