Reimaging a fashion design and merchandise brand based in Abuja, Nigeria.

Oniontabs: Chambel Concept

Chambel Concept

Chambel Concept is a fashion design and fashion merchandise brand based in Abuja, Nigeria.


Abuja, Nigeria



Company size

2-5 Employees

Services we provided

  • Visual identity

  • Stationery

  • Merchandise

  • Brand Style Guide

The client

Chambel Concept is a fashion design and fashion merchandise brand based in Abuja, Nigeria. They are into the design and tailoring of modern African wear and attires. They also do mass production and sell fashion merchandise. With Chambel Concept, your goal of looking elegant and classic while feeling maximum comfort is achieved with ease.

The challenge

Chambel Concept was having a great challenge appealing to and attracting their target audience/customers. At first, we thought it was a problem of positioning but later understand that the positioning is fine based on the quality of the brand’s products and services. What was missing was a great identity that resonates and appeals to its target audiences. If you’re going to attract high earn and sophisticated customers, then you have to look the part. And that’s where we came in handy. Discussing the future plan of the business, the client made us understand that beyond design and sewing of clothes, and fashion merchandising She is also looking into having her own labeled brand of clothing and expanding into fashion design training.

The solution

We developed an identity that tied in all the facets of the brand, resonates with its target audience, and at the same time is simple, modern, and distinctive enough to stand identifiable among the competition.

The Logo

The Logo is a CC Monogram. This concept was chosen because it works well to identify the brand and its activities without any constraint to a particular industry or service. The way the letters are drawn in an overlapping style celebrates the unity in the brand name which is a combination of the client’s name and her husband’s name. This also connotes the relationship that Chambel Concept has with its customers/audiences.

The geometric structure of the logo shows the strength and firmness of the brand in providing quality products and services to its customers. Reliability is their watchword. Other attributes of the brand are expressed through the colors with the use of gold to connote luxury and quality and the black communicating elegance and authority.

Standing out on all mediums

This new visual identity now stands out to identify Chambel Concept from the competition, and the scalable nature of the logo makes it identifiable on any medium used be it on stationery, merchandise, social media, flyers, or on a large billboard along the major road.

A simple Brand style guide was designed to guide the client on how to use the brand elements properly to ensure consistency.

The result

As Chambel Concept roll out the new identity gradually to the public, the results are so clear base on the response and feedback they get. This has not only helped the brand gain more trust from its customers and project them as professionals but it has also improved ROI. In the end, the client is happy, the customers are happy, and we are all happy.