We are Oniontabs

ROI-Driven Digital Agency focused on helping businesses thrive through the power of strategy and design backed by modern technologies

We design brand identites & build products, tools, apps, and websites for forward-thinking brands trying to do great things to make our world better.

Coming from different cultures, backgrounds, and industries, we founded Oniontabs because we were sick of mediocrity offered as digital services and knew we could do better.

Though our offerings and approaches has evolved and changed over the years, our sole reason of starting the agency hasn't changed; To help SMEs and startups leverage the internet and its many unrecognized opportunities.

Today, we continue to do that through a combination of strategy, research, design, and human-centric digital solutions that help businesses and brands acquire and retain more customers/clients so they grow and scale with ease.

About Oniontabs
About Oniontabs
About Oniontabs


To be a “most go to” company for innovative solutions and a partner in building the future.


To contribute to the success of businesses by providing exceptional and innovative solutions that transform businesses and impact lives.

We're not a good fit for everyone, but our numbers speak for themselves


Successful Partnerships with ambitious brands that are doing great things to make our world better


Impactful projects that are built and launch through the power of strategy, research, design thinking and modern technologies

Research-driven turnkey solutions that are customizable to fit your brand needs

Our solutions are customizable to address your business’s needs and to drive tremendous value in the form of enhanced productivity, improved efficiency, standard reputation, increased revenue & great customer satisfaction and experiences. We analyse your customers’ needs to find the solution and the right execution of it.

We absolutely love what we do because our work and ideas are focused on transforming businesses and their products, thereby positively impacting people’s lives; ours inclusive.

The People Behind Oniontabs

Dorcas Etim

Junior UI/UX Designer

Think like a proton, always positive.

Anietie Brownson

Junior Developer

Life is in stages and men are in sizes.

Tony Onazi Oche

Chief Legal Officer (CLO)

The world can be better but we all need to think in that direction to make it happen

Iboroh Iyang

Admin. Support

Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come

Nimmyel Ponlir

CEO/Creative Director

Strive to be the best version of yourself.

Blessing Okwong

Junior Developer

Be the first you.

Asekhamhe Chris

CTO/Head Developer

Day by day, in every way, I'm getting better and better!

Favour Titus

Social Media Manager

Every step is easier with the right people by your side

We're always looking for new faces and fresh ideas

And we believe an agency is only as good as its team

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We partner with ambitious brands, big and small.

We have the privilege of working with forward-thinking companies looking to do great things to make our world better. We help them define their positioning, clarify their message, elevate their brand identity and innovate their digital experience.

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We Are Oniontabs

We design brand identites & build products, tools, apps, and websites for forward-thinking brands trying to do great things to make our world better.
We Evolve and Elevate Ambitious and Bold Brands through Brand Strategy, Clear Messaging, and Innovative Design.
We build Intuitive and Responsive Websites that convert more visitors into paying customers/clients.
Crafting Timeless Brand Identities that connect people to brands.